Success Story: Seutika Pharmacy Windsor

Seutika Pharmacy is a pharmacy in Melbourne which employs over 25 staff with the majority on a part time or casual basis. Seutika experiences continual staff turnover and is never able to find enough staff to fill the volume of work they experience. The backbone of their workforce are high school and university students looking for work they can drop in and out of quickly.

Until Piknic, the process of finding and onboarding was arduous time consuming and expensive. To find a new employee on a traditional job recruitment site, it cost the business $400 for a single ad. Another site cost the business $41 per day. Despite months of searching, when the businesses needed the most help, the traditional methods of recruitment had failed.

Piknic’s intuitive platform alongside its deep userbase and low cost allowed the pharmacy to find high quality casual workers months faster than other means. As a result, the pharmacy is operating at a much higher efficiency and higher labour force optimisation, scaling it up and down as need be while maintaining the complex staffing requirements.