Success Story: Handcraft Coffee Newtown

Handcraft Coffee is a small coffee shop located in Newtown. Occasionally, the team there needs support from baristas and kitchen staff. Before and during the pandemic Handcraft would need to close down because of the lack of staffing available. They would not be able to find staff to fill the staffing gaps that often appear on a week-to-week basis.

Piknic’s flexible, cancel anytime subscription model has allowed them to quickly onboard casual staff and only pay for the recruitment costs they use.

The business now experiences zero unexpected downtime due to staffing and continues to provide high-quality award-winning coffee to the people of Newtown. 

After a short time searching Suitor was able to find someone who could help them out with all their fulfilment and customer service needs which has allowed the business to grow at a rapid pace unseen in the previous years in business.